How to Easily Buy a Good Water Heater

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Whenever they go out shopping for a water heater, people often research for a specific brand that beats them all or a manufacturer that can be relied upon. Little do they know that manufacturers basically build most of these tanks in a similar way. One important thing that you should be looking for is the configuration. Apart from this, there are some nitty-gritty things that a buyer needs to identify when buying a water heater.

The model of the tank

Consider the size of your family and the amount of water you use in a single day. Having taken these factors into consideration, go ahead and get a tank that is sizeable and won’t have to work extra hard to satisfy your needs since the more it is put to work, the shorter its lifespan. You should also be comfortable with the kind of fuel it uses –whether gas, electricity, or a hybrid.

Energy Efficiency

The hard economic times demand that you save money whenever necessary. Therefore, unless you have cash to splash, don’t go for a tank with a low energy factor rating. The higher the energy factor (EF) rating, the more efficient the water heating unit.

Additional Features

Have a look at things such as the tank’s recovery speed and its self-cleaning capability. It should also have an auto-shut off valve to prevent leakages.

How to Analyze for Problems on Your Water Heater Tank

Purchasing a water heater is one thing while maintaining it is another task altogether. You have to take note of the minor signs before they transform into bigger problems. Is the water dirty? Is it no longer warm like it used to? Below is a compilation of some tips that you can use to find out if the tank is really operating at its optimum.

  • If your tank ceases to give hot water, check the pilot light. This light going off is an indication that there is no hot water and you need to follow the instructions given on the manual to get it lighting again. You can also check the thermostat to find out if it is set properly or if the dip tube is working as expected.
  • If there’s water on the floor around the tank, it could be that it is leaking or the valve is loose. Check to determine the problem and if you can solve it, then go ahead. The best option, however, is to call a reliable plumber to fix such problems as quickly as possible.
  • Sometimes a tank may give strange noises when it is on. This problem usually occurs when mineral sediments in the water have accumulated at the base of the tank and they are moving about during heating.

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